Metier Brewing Company

Metier Brewing Company is a Black-owned artisan brewery with a mission. They operate a company based on values that they take very seriously, including quality, inclusivity, accessibility, and compassion, and they are deliberate about every part of the community.

Metier Brewing Company (MBC) works to amplify and fulfill goals through strategic alliances and collaborations, as well as deliberate procurement of products, services, and artwork from BIPOC and women artists and entrepreneurs.

In addition to being a brewery, they are an extremely welcoming establishment that has room for everyone that enters. they provide a small portion of the beloved MBC experience to our patrons with each pint, can, or bottle.


  • Designed for year-round indoor and outdoor use
  • Access to projection & audio system
  • Inquire for rental rates and beverage minimum.
  • Beverage minimum according to group size.


Outside food permitted with catering fee.


Accommodates up to 80 guests

Rental Cost:

Venue rental cost provided by request

2616 E Cherry St
Seattle, WA 98122

Street Parking